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Stepping up to online success: Lil Beatz Clothing and 123 Reg

By 123 Reg - December 8, 2021

Adam Blakey and Vicci Small set up Lil Beatz and began offering urban dance classes to under tens in 2018. Since then, they have really got into the rhythm of running a business and have added Lil Beatz Clothing to their repertoire.

“We wanted to offer a range of merchandise for the students to wear. While developing this, we soon realised that this could be a great clothing line on its own,” they say.

And so it was that Lil Beatz Clothing was born.

Their customers might be small, but Adam and Vicci’s ambitions are big! These small business owners possess the important characteristics of inspiration and determination, which has helped them to continue to build an award-winning urban dance franchise as well as fantastic collections of cool streetwear for their tiny dancers and beyond.

“Too many people fail by saying they will do something and not going through with it,” says Adam.

“I set a goal and won’t stop until it’s done. The most valuable lesson is: You can achieve more than you think when you put your mind to it. Follow your dreams and, with hard work, you will achieve anything.”

Adam Blakey and Vicci Small of Lil Beatz

Adam and Vicci, founders of Lil Beatz

A website was the star of the show

To be expanding your business in these trying times is no mean feat! But, creating a successful business has always been about seeing opportunities where others don’t.

“We thought there is a gap in the market also for streetwear for kids. So, we developed this side of the business to not only compliment our dance class franchise, but to also launch a clothing line.”

A bespoke website connected to a domain name from 123 Reg helped Lil Beatz Clothing establish itself as a cut above.

Domain registration is a personal favourite of Adam’s, and he expresses how 123 Reg have made it so much easier to manage the company’s domains.

It’s little things like this that mean he can continue to do what he loves and, in turn, provide for his family – which is the defnition of success for him.

The advice that the co-founders would give to anyone starting out is simple:

“Remember why you have created the business in the frst place. Have this in your head every time you hit a hard patch as there will be plenty of occasions that you think you can’t carry on anymore. The why will always get you through!”

For Adam, seeing how the businesses they’ve built give happiness to so many children makes it all worthwhile.

Meanwhile, their dance class franchise is in the groove and their fashion label is looking good!

If you would like to check out Lil Beatz Clothing’s cool street-wise looks, visit the website, or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

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