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Having an email address that helps you stand out from the crowd

By 123 Reg - September 18, 2019

When you contact a business via email, you’ll notice that the email address references the brand throughout. So, for example, email@myfancystoreshoe.com. Rarely, do you see a business using a generic email address like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, to send communications to consumers. Why, because it creates an air of professionalism, it keeps the brand intact, and the consumer always engaged. And quite rightly so, wouldn’t you be a bit suspect if you were to get an email from ebay@hotmail.com or apple@hotmail.com.

If businesses and brands need professional emails, your personal brand does too. When networking with new people for business or speaking to potential employees or job agencies, you want to stand out from the crowd, be uniquely identifiable and ensure employers remember to contact you. That is why having your own domain and email address is so important.

Another great thing about having your own unique address is that it keeps you out of spam filters. Free services are likely probe to spammers and malware, so it is more likely that emails you send from the free address will be marked as spam. You want to ensure that your mail is received and at the top of the inbox rather than the junk folder. There is nothing worse than emailing a recruiter, to have your mail missed because it ended up being rerouted to a junk folder. Having your own email address can prevent that and ensure your mail is read.

Having your own personalised email address also helps to establish trusts with your recipients, due to the authenticity and uniqueness of the email address. You want your recipients to be intrigued and know that the sender is genuine, and when your email address is branded as your own, you can achieve that.

Having an email address through 123 Reg is super easy to get and even easier to set up. You can access email via our webmail interface or have your email downloaded onto your phone or mail client like outlook. When setting up email on your mobile and desktop device, you can also choose whether to have your mail downloaded directly from the server to your phone via the POP setup, or you can set up your mail via IMAP, meaning the mail is directly viewed from the server. You can find out more about IMAP and POP settings in the video below.

All our email offerings come with built in protection to prevent your inbox from being flooded with SPAM, and plenty of storage to keep your inbox ticking over.