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Microbiz Matters Day 2018 – #IGave12

By 123 Reg - January 12, 2018

Microbusinesses are the unsung heroes of the economy. They bring innumerable benefits to communities, regions and nations, but often go unrecogonised.

That’s why Microbiz Matters Day exists –  it’s a day of recognition, action and learning which highlights the important work that microbusinesses do. This year, Microbiz Matters Day is 12.1.18.

To help support the day, 123 Reg is contributing to the #IGave12 campaign by providing 12 pieces of advice for microbusiness owners. You can see our advice in the video below, and of course we’ll be tweeting our advice from @123reg throughout the day using the #IGave12 hashtag, along with many others.

Why not provide your own tips and advice using the #IGave12 hashtag. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the @MicroBizMatters Twitter account, where you’ll find a live stream of the Microbiz Matters event from Manchester. The stream runs from 7am to 3pm on 12.1.18 and features eight hours of live online learning sessions.