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Whilst you’re building your profitable Google AdWords campaign (and waiting to find out the best keywords for SEO) you can begin to build a database of prospects that will be a constant source of revenue for years to come.

Let’s start with an uncomfortable fact – the vast majority of visitors to your website will ‘bounce’ off it without you even knowing who they are.  This means that you can’t make contact with them ever again  and you never get the chance to make them customers.  So how do you get around this thorny problem?  They visit your site, exit silently and leave no contact details for you to follow up.

The deceptively simple solution is to offer your visitor something of value they’ll want in exchange for giving you their email address.  Imagine a page where a visitor lands and sees something of real, tangible value and is immediately available to them.  All they have to do to get it is hand over their email address.  It could be anything; a free report or download, access to a special video, a 5-day email training course, free consultancy, whatever you like.  The more useful and exciting the offer is the more people will sign-up for it.  The important fact here is that they have ‘opted in’ to receive more information from you as part of the deal.

Now they have great information from you but you have their email address and the means to contact them, follow up and offer even more help to them.  You don’t even need to sell at this point, just give them really useful information.  The crux of this approach is that when they do want your product or service your email is sitting in their inbox reminding them of your business.  Plus, because you’ve been regularly sending them helpful information you’ve proved your business’s value and gone a long way to building a strong relationship.

Many businesses don’t do this because they think they would be upsetting people if their email were misconstrued as spam.  Remember you’re only sending spam if;

  1. your recipients didn’t sign up and opt in to receiving your emails
  2. you try to obscure your real email address
  3. you are trying to flog cheap loans, Viagra and fake Rolexes, etc.

Well, you’re hardly going to do that!  It’s this crazy notion that will stop your competitors from growing their online business and gives you the space to increase your market share!

The exciting aspect to this approach is that it starts to build a database of highly focused prospects.  Before long you will be communicating with thousands of businesses and individuals about how your business can help them.  It sounds like magic but the system is actually very straightforward and consistency is the key: keep sending the emails and keep giving your recipients high quality information.

With Google AdWords providing you with regular traffic you can use your email marketing to increase the number of leads and conversions you generate.  Both of these approaches operate in tandem to increase your website’s overall success.

Next week we’ll look at how you can increase your traffic even further.


Jed Wylie is the author of Make Your Website Sell and works for Morgan Wylie a web design and digital marketing agency in the Midlands. Follow Jed on Twitter at MorganWylieWeb

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