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Making your site unique

By Alexandra Gavril - August 13, 2012

When you are starting a business, targeting the general public is hardly the way to go. You want to offer a product that satisfies a specific need. That’s why when you are...

Improvements are always possible

By Alexandra Gavril - July 30, 2012

There is no magical recipe for successful SEO, it is more about constantly applying well-know approaches. The rules that search engines use to rank websites is ever-changing, thus your efforts should be...

Headings – flag up what’s good

By Alexandra Gavril - July 25, 2012

Writing content for the web can be challenging, especially because web users don’t read a lot. According to a research study conducted by usability expert Jacob Nielsen, web users scan the text...

Content is King and Images can be viral

By Tim Fuell - July 9, 2012

Since Google Penguin at the end of April, the old adage of “Content is King” has taken a whole new giant step. The new ranking algorithm changes sees websites who publish lots of...

Authority means top rankings

By Alexandra Gavril - July 2, 2012

Trust builds trust and trust builds authority. Authority is an important factor that helps rise up the rankings, which means that, in terms of SEO, authority has a positive influence on search...