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How to gain trust with links

By Alexandra Gavril - November 16, 2012

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget it process. You can’t just work a few hours on your on-page SEO and then expect your site to climb to the top position on Google. If...

6 Top Tips for Short Sharp SEO

By Tim Fuell - November 7, 2012

If the science of search engine optimisation is too much for you to get your head around and the budget won’t stretch to some expert advice, here’s six top tips to help...

Using books as an SEO tool

By Tim Fuell - October 31, 2012

Search engine optimisation is all about online, the latest buzzwords, etc., right? Wrong. Natural search is very dependant upon natural use of language. Understanding how people use language will help you understand...

URLs are your first line attack

By Alexandra Gavril - September 10, 2012

URLs are important on-page SEO elements as we use them to travel from a page to another so they underpin your entire website.  When you create a new site, create it with...

Titles give your content a name

By Tim Fuell - September 5, 2012

So many web pages on the Internet have poor page titles like “Home”, About us”, “Services” or no titles at all. Web page titles are very important because these describe the content...