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Whether you are directly selling via ecommerce or just have a landing page to let people know your contact details, the reason you created a web presence and the reason you are reading this blog is that you want people to find out about the products and / or services you offer.

Yet, just having a page isn’t enough. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an art and a science in one. Some add more credence to it than others but whatever your thoughts it is based on common sense principles and few can deny the importance of search engines in our use of the Internet. Beyond just SEO however, your biggest consideration to get the best out of your site should be how to get it working best for your needs. Web optimisation can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people as can be seen from this recent Google Hangout half hour presentation and Q&A  hosted by Dave Hazlehurst of digital agency PH Creative:

As Dave points out one of the first questions you need to address in terms of web optimisation is “Where does your website fit into your overall marketing strategy?” It is all about improving your online standing and to do that you need to understand where your business strengths lie and how you promote that offline as well as online.

While appearing on Google’s first page when a potential customer searches for your business or services is a great goal, web optimisation isn’t actually just about just getting a high ranking on Google. In fact it is all about giving your visitor and potential customer a valued experience. It is about understanding those visitors and what they do on your site and then working out why they did that. It’s all about making your website work harder for you and effectively making it easier for your customer to commit to buying from you.

The hangout above has plenty of tips and advice to follow, so take time to watch it and make some notes and then think about how you can go about optimising your own website. You won’t achieve massive results overnight but you will notice  a difference and also begin to understand your business better too.

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