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So many web pages on the Internet have poor page titles like “Home”, About us”, “Services” or no titles at all. Web page titles are very important because these describe the content on a page and, from an SEO point of view, they are priceless.

There are some CMS (content management systems) that can create the title for your page from the main heading ( H1 tag). However, this is a general title and doesn’t say much about the content that can be found on that page. That’s why it’s important that you write your own relevant title for each page.

What is a web page title?

If you are using browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you may notice that these don’t show the page title text unless you move your mouse over the tab. Maybe that’s why so many people pay little to zero attention to web page titles. Take a look:


You can also find the titles in the source code of your web pages  within the  title tags- <title></title> – included in the <head></head> area.

Why are titles important?

The title of your page web is what makes it unique. If people find your content to be useful and attractive, they will most likely share it and when this happens, the title of your page becomes the representative text of what’s on that page.

Web page titles are important for:

  • Web browsers

 Browsers use the title of a web page for various purposes, such as: labelling browser windows, links added to favourites or bookmarks, tabs, as well as mark entries in the history of your browser.

  • Search engines

Search engines are using your web page title to determine what content or information is included on that page. That’s why it’s recommended that you include your primary keywords in the page title, so that your page can rank higher.

When searching for “register domain name”, search engines will return several results and based on the title and the keywords included web users decide if it’s relevant for them or not. Therefore, the title can encourage people to click in order to find out more.

  • Social media

When people are sharing your content on social media, the web page title will be published automatically along with the meta-description you wrote for that page.  If you have web page titles and these are well written, be sure people won’t hesitate to share your content with their friends.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using a title for each of your web pages, so take the time to create it so you don’t miss out on all the advantages.

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