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Working From Home: Staying in Contact

By Alexandra Gavril - August 1, 2013

© Photographer: Carol Afshar | Agency: Dreamstime.com As a remote worker you’re deprived of even the simplest, most common forms of communication -like a fun conversation at the water cooler – which are...

6 things to do with a Cloud server

By Tim Fuell - May 24, 2013

Our new range of cloud servers are big on performance using dedicated hardware resources that mean powering your small business or businesses has never been easier or more assured. Cloud performance means...

6 things you must do before the day is out

By Tim Fuell - May 7, 2013

Why should you do them? Well success is based on organisation, preparation and perspiration. So here’s a mix of them that will put you on the right lines to success. Image courtesy of...