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The 123-reg Website of the Month competition

By Thomas Costello - March 18, 2013

A new feature to 123-reg in 2013 is the Website of the Month competition, where each month we will ask customers to add their great websites to our Facebook application. We have put the voting in the control of our community, each month our fans will vote for the winning website. There will be a monthly winner and an overall winner which will be announced at the end of 2013. Each monthly winner will win £100 and the Grand Prix winner will pick up the £1,000 prize.

The aim of our competition is to showcase the work of our customers. February’s Website Site of the Month winner, as picked by the 123-reg community, is certainly a website that falls into that ‘making a difference’ category. The charity website, www.bethsdogshow.co.uk, was set up by Gemma Simmons to advertise charity events that run throughout the year. The website was set up after the death of Gemma’s cousin in 2010. Thanks to the support of 123-reg, Simmons has been able to push her great causes to a wider audience.

We offer our congratulations to everybody involved in the charity website, especially for the work they have put in; raising both awareness and money for a great cause. 123-reg caught up with Simmons to gain a greater insight into the inspiration for the website.

Can you tell us about the work that you do on www.bethsdogshow.co.uk?

We set up the website just under two years ago to advertise charity events that we run throughout the year. In 2010, we lost our cousin to a brain tumour, and the website has helped us to bring the variety of causes we support to a wider group of people; help raise awareness; and draw attention to what an awful disease cancer is and how it can affect so many lives.

What does it mean to have won 123-reg’s Website of the Month Competition?

We are absolutely over the moon to have won February’s competition. We didn’t expect to come close to winning and it was such a surprise to find out we had won. We entered to get our website across to more people who wouldn’t have necessarily seen it otherwise.

What has been the value of having an online presence?

Having this website gives us the advantage of reaching a wider audience, not just local individuals that we know. It gives the chance for a large number of people to enter our competitions and to raise money for a great cause. We have had so much support since we set the website up and it makes all the fundraising we do worthwhile. We spend a great amount of time fundraising in between our full time jobs, and it’s nice to see that people do take the time to read about our causes and support our events.

How has 123-reg helped your cause?

We heard good reviews from our peers that 123-reg were very good, so when we decided to set up a website we went with the company that had the most positive feedback. We have found 123-reg to be very good; any issues that we have had have been resolved quickly. We would recommend 123-reg to everyone. It has truly helped us with our fundraising efforts.

What does the future hold?

We didn’t expect the website to take off so quickly. We have had 25,000 views in less than two years which is fantastic. We will continue with our fundraising and help to push our causes out to many more people.

123-reg is proud to be supporting those who are making a difference. Remember, our March competition is up and running so if you have a great website hosted by 123-reg enter it here.