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The Changing Face of Domains: new gTLD’s Webinar

By Thomas Costello - November 27, 2013

On 29th November 2013, 123-reg hosted a free to attend webinar, examining how new gTLD’s will help small businesses and chaired by Matt Mansell, head of Domain Strategy for 123-reg and the Host Europe Group.

The internet is changing and the introduction of new generic top level domains will offer business highly unique domain names. These new domains are focused to be more relevant to a specific industry or location and will include .wales, .jewellery and .shop. This expansion of the domains market will have the power to help your business stand out from the crowd!

In the webinar, Matt discussed the following:

What are new gTLD’s?

What will new gTLD’s mean for your business?

What is the current situation?

What domains are going to be first to market?

If you missed the webinar first time around or just want to replay it, you can now watch it below: