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Holiday.com to become worlds most expensive domain?

By Thomas Costello - November 5, 2014

A new record in domain name sales looks set to be broken as holiday.com goes up for auction today.

Speculators and industry experts expect the domain name which is one of the most sought after one-word names, to be auctioned off for more than £20m.

The auction, which is being overseen by Breath Luxury, has said that it ‘easily has the potential’ to beat the record sale of sex.com. This sold for $14m in 2010, according to the Independent. Insurance.com and vactionrentals.com sold for $35.6m and $35m respectively. This figure included the sale of complete businesses.

So what are the most expensive domain names in history? (Source: Wikipedia)

Most expensive domain names sold

4 most expensive domain names sold in history

Other high selling domain names

Insure.com $16 million in 2009

Sex.com for $14 million in 2010

Hotels.com $11 million in 2001

Fund.com 2008 £9.99 million

Porn.com 2007 $9.5 million

Fb.com by Facebook for $8.5 million in November 2010

A 123-reg poll of more than 100 domain owners highlighted the strength of feeling towards the potential value of the domain name. Over 40 per cent said that they expected holiday.com to sell for more than insurance.com. A quarter of respondents said that the domain, in their opinion, would fetch around the same value as insurance.com.

As well as holiday.com, the auction will also feature the sales of journey.com, paradise.com and doha.com.

The auction can be seen via a live web cast, which begins at 5pm today. You can register to watch this landmark event here

So what do you think? Will holiday.com become the most expensive domain name in history?