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Top 123-reg support queries

By John - November 22, 2010

Our support team deals with a whole variety of questions from customers. We’ve probably covered every conceivable query at some point, from changing where a domain name points and managing web hosting to getting going with a dedicated server.

We track every customer query to make sure we’re providing a good service – and we also use the information to determine what we should provide on our support site. We’re always working to improve it, so it’s the best place to go when you have a question about your 123-reg services. Chances are, the answer’s in there.

We’ve trawled back through recent support queries to identify the top questions we get asked. And the result makes for interesting reading – these four items clearly stand out:

  1. “How do I make my domain name point at my website?” We get loads of variations on this question. It usually boils down to some confusion over the domain name server (DNS) settings for a domain name. These determine where a domain name points to, so it’s important you set them up correctly. And frankly, when changing them involves entering confusing strings of numbers, it’s hardly surprising people get confused. We explained how DNS works a while back, and there’s also a handy downloadable DNS guide on the support site.
  2. “How do I set my email up?” Again, we get lots of versions of this question. Once you’ve purchased email from 123-reg, there are several ways to set it up. You can use our webmail service to log in directly from your internet browser. You can set up your email software – like Microsoft Outlook – to check for new messages. You can even get them on your mobile phone! If you’re struggling with the options, we have email video guides about getting started and setting up your email software.
  3. “I’ve forgotten my password.” This one happens to all of us at some point. But you can probably fix it yourself, without having to contact us. Just go to our lost login page and enter either your email address, 123-reg username, or a domain name that you have registered with us. We’ll send you an email containing a link to reset your password. If you need us to send the details to an alternative email address, we can do that too – just follow the instructions on the lost login page too.
  4. “I used to own a domain name – how do I get it back?” Many customers have questions about domain name ownership. Perhaps they’ve allowed their domain name to expire and want to get it back, want to know how they can register a domain that’s owned by someone else, or want to get in touch with a domain name’s current owner. The answers to these ones are simple: if you already own a domain and want to keep it, use autorenewal to make sure it doesn’t expire. And if you want to buy a domain that’s owned by someone else, you need to contact them. Try using a WHOIS tool to find the owners. There’s more about ownership in our What is WHOIS article too.

Do you have a question about your 123-reg services? Search our support site now for the answer.