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Does your small business need a pay-per-click service?

By Thomas Costello - April 24, 2014

A website is vital for any business. Any business which trades online needs to complement their efforts with some form of online advertising.

The greatest challenge for any small business is getting potential customers through to a website and then ultimately converting. A common mistake for businesses is the belief that having a website is the end of a journey when actually it should be seen as just the beginning.

Google Adwords in one such service that 123-reg offers to help small business realise their potential online. The clear advantage of Google Adwords is that unlike other forms of marketing, it connects those looking for your products and services with those businesses that are offering that particular service. Additionally, as local search grows in importance, businesses that invest in services like Adwords will further increase the potential of successful advertising.

Watch this video to learn what Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is:

If you are not using such a service, ask yourself the below questions:

  1.  How much would it cost to send out direct mail/fliers to a large number of people?
  2.  Then calculate what percentage of these people do you think will be immediately interested in your product?

If you are now unsure whether the above is right for you, then why not consider another way.

So does Google Adwords actually work? We think so. As a Premier Partner of Google, we have been working with a number of different companies over the past year to help business make the most from being online. We have helped dozens of business to increase their sales and visibility online and it is these successes that show that creating an Adwords programme with 123-reg works!

Two of our customers, Norwich Cleaning Services and Vasstechnik, have invested in the 123-reg PPC service and here are their experiences:

Francis Madden, Norwich Cleaning Services:

In June, I received a call from 123-reg, whom I had my website and associated services with. 123-reg explained what the service was and explained to me what the benefits were. We decided to go for a month’s trial to see whether this would work for our business.

It really has snowballed from here – where before we were getting one or two calls a week, now we are getting up to five a day! Over the past couple of months we have been appearing in different spots on page one – close to the top. Almost everybody who calls us finds us on Google.

Lee Weafer, Vasstechnik:

We are a local business trading in the West Sussex area and 123-reg explained to me that I could capture a greater number of people searching within the local area using Google Adwords. This obviously appealed to me because it would be easier for me to convert people who were within the local area.

123-reg helped me greatly with the initial set up and getting on to the Adwords programme. The service has been clear, concise and easy to use. I run my business on my own and to have a service that is hassle free as well as managed was the deal breaker!