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Help SMEs pitch to rich with #Voom2016

By Thomas Costello - May 20, 2016

#123Voom needs you!

For the past fourteen weeks, a number of 123 Reg customers have been doing all they can to secure as many votes as possible to be in with a chance of pitching their great business idea to Sir Richard Branson.

Over the past couple of months, you will have no doubt seen a #Voom poster, advert or even a 123 Reg customer canvassing for votes. To jog your memory, #Voom is the competition set up by Virgin Media Business, giving small businesses the unique chance to pitch their business idea to Sir Richard Branson himself and be in with a chance of winning a share of the £1 million prize fund.

There are a number of really exciting, creative and inspirational businesses powered by 123 Reg in this years competition. They are all working incredibly hard to secure the votes needed to make it through to the next round of the competition and be a step closer to their meeting with Sir Richard Branson!

With the first stage soon coming to a close, why not take a look at these great businesses and give them your vote? And remember, voting only takes a few seconds!

So, who are the #123Voom entrants

1) Turtle Tots: An innovative and unique swimming programme business with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be, with a specialism in progressive baby and toddler classes. Not only does it focus on teaching babies, toddlers and young children to swim, it also promotes pre-natal and post-natal fitness. Vote here

2) Secret Sessions: Set up in 2011, armed with just an old video camera and a new YouTube channel, Secret Sessions started filming sessions and interviews with emerging artists. Since then, they have grown a community of over 300 musicians and 50,000 music lovers. An inspiring network has grown, servicing from artists and film makers to record labels, venues and brands. Vote here

3) Extremis Technology: Natural disasters cause significant issues. Extremis Technology provides a range of solutions for the most important shelter needs of people affected by earthquake, hurricanes, floods or war. Vote here

4) LettUsGrow: LettUs Grow is a biotechnology company on a mission – to reduce that colossal wastage and provide easy access to fresh, tasty greens for every home. LettUs Grow products allow you to grow your next meal without the mess of using soil. Vote here

5) Share my Office: Aimed at SMEs, Share my Office helps young businesses grow faster by getting them out of their spare bedrooms and garages and into affordable commercial office space. Learn more and vote

6) Stamptastic: For parents labelling children’s clothes, it can be an incredibly time consuming job. Stamptastic has made it simple, starting with a personalised stamp and then sourcing an ink that is usable on a wide variety of materials. It’s the fastest way to name your kids’ belongings and it looks much more attractive than a quickly scrawled biro. The ink lasts on fabric for up to 50 washes (by which time your beloved one will probably have grown out of it anyway!) and the ink pad itself should last at least 2-3 years. Learn more and vote

7) Desi Highstreet: Desi High Street is an online marketplace for businesses and retailers who sell ethnic/desi/South Asian goods. On our website you will find many businesses we call them selling partners, who each have their own shop front and list their own items. Learn more and vote

8) Hire an Artist: The business wants to make it possible for anyone who wants a bespoke piece of art, to easily just go online and turn their dreams into reality. The process is simple: Submit an idea, choose an artist and receive your artwork when it’s finished. Learn more and vote

9) Unconditionally Me: ZoneUm – Unconditionally Me, is an online resource where youngsters can access through their own secure login a series of self-help videos, tips and downloads designed to nurture them through their transitions, the first being from primary to secondary school. Working with specialists, small businesses, entrepreneurs and older teens we will create content that talks their language. Learn more and vote

10) GivePenny: GivePenny is a new online fundraising platform that uses pledges to motivate fundraisers to reach personal goals. GivePenny invites sponsors to pledge donations for specific goals, called “Milestones”, or on a “Per X” basis (e.g. steps, miles, days, task, etc.). One of the really unique features is that fundraisers can count anything they like as part of their fundraising challenges and even connect their Fitbit, Runkeeper and Facebook Check-In data to automatically drive donations! Learn more and vote

11) Insure Success Solutions: Set up to help more women start up, manage and grow their businesses with confidence. Insure Success Solutions provide online coaching programmes via its Risk Academy, expert help and access to a community hub where women can network, meet like-minded people and receive face to face coaching and training. Learn more and vote

12) Access Champ: In 2003, a life changing accident made Arnold Fewell a permanent wheelchair user. As a former hotel General Manager he was shocked at how hotels now looked after him as a disabled guest. Creating awareness and improving the situation for other people has become his passion. He created AccessChamp to give disabled people a more enjoyable hotel experience and provide hoteliers a share of a vast growth market. Learn more and vote

We really appreciate you taking the time. Every vote counts and will help these small businesses stand out from the crowd, and have the best chance of getting to pitch to Sir Richard Branson!