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Papier mache heads, a cop with an axe and Kenny Rodgers

By 123 Reg - May 17, 2013

One of my favourite people that ever lived was the majestic Frank Sidebottom. A bumbling 35-year-old failure who was self delusional enough to believe he actually had a showbiz career, which he had to keep secret from his mum . Oh yeah, he also had a big head, that some people thought may have been made of papier mache. How rude. I’ve been a huge Frank fan since I was 15 and a few years ago I was lucky enough to appear on his TV show, easily the highlight of my professional life.

Well, at last someone is making a documentary about Mr.Sidebottom and his friend Chris Sievey. It was funded, as everything is these days, by the mighty Kickstarter.

Eastender bender

Ross Kemp is everyone’s favourite East End hard man. Well, after Danny Dyer. Of course. But you can’t fold Dyer’s face as easily as perhaps you’d like. The reluctant Mitchell brother, on the other hand, is far more malleable and looks wonderful when he’s all scrunched up. Just take a look at some of the wonderful examples on Kempfolds.



Christmas countdown

Like most people, I always leave my online Christmas shopping until the last possible minute, occasionally missing the postage deadline meaning my children don’t get any presents and we have to pretend we are Sikh and don’t celebrate it. If only there was a handy way of keeping an eye on exactly when Christmas was that I could check any time I was sat at a computer. Hang on a second, you mean THERE IS? Thank you Berners-Lee. THIS is what the internet was made for. Idiots like me.



It’s P-p-p-p-p-pancake day

Christmas is fine. That’s covered. We know when it is, sometime towards the end of December, and thanks to the previous site, we can accurately predict it. But the thing that makes me wasn’t to gouge my stomach out with a spork, is coming into work on a Wednesday only to be asked if I enjoyed pancakes the night before. ‘No, why would I’ is my usual response. ‘Because it was Pancake Day you massive has been loser, didn’t you know?’ I have missed Pancake Day every day for the last 32 years. And as we all know, these delicious flat cakes of the pan can only be eaten on this special day when we celebrate the Baby Jesus hunting in the back of the fridge for a squeezy plastic lemon left over from last year. Well, miss pancakes no more! Simply click on this next link every day until it says ‘Yes’.



When the magical day arrives, you can celebrate with this song…

Cop a load of this

I may have mentioned Axe Cop before, but to be honest, I don’t care. It is so good it is definitely worth another look. Basic premise, a young 9 year old boy (although he’s probably a bit older now. In fact, biology and aging would mean he definitely is) makes up stories about a gentleman called Axe Cop. He tells them to his older brother, who happens to be an excellent cartoonist. Older brother then makes one of the best comics based on the younger lads stories. The result is as mad and as brilliant as you’d expect.



You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…

Finally, who doesn’t want to look like Kenny Rogers? If at least one of my boys doesn’t end up with silvery hair and a bushy beard just like the Islands in the Stream superstar, then I will have failed as a father. Just imagine how proud the parents of these gentlemen must feel.



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