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Make Your Website Sell – 23 More Ways to Improve Your Website

By 123 Reg - October 2, 2013

In last week’s blog I listed 32 ways in which you could improve your website.  But why stop there when there are so many quick and painless ways to get more traffic and customers.  Here’s a few more for your internet marketing kit bag:


1. Split test pages with and without graphics

2 Split test video instead of an introductory paragraph or graphic

3. Use the AIDA structure to your landing pages

4. Clearly state the benefits of using your service or buying your product

5. Pepper your content with testimonials (and case studies, if appropriate)

6. Identify at least one guarantee you can offer your customers

7. Always have one clear call to action repeated several times throughout the page

8. Try different layouts (1 column, like a letter, 2-column, with main content and secondary content, 3-column, magazine style and so on)

9. Offer a “Call Me Back” form for people to leave their contact details

10. Use Live Chat to engage your visitor whilst they’re on your site.

11. Offer Quick Links to other pages on your site

12. Offer Downloadable resources (PDFs, Presentations, Audio, etc.)

13. Test using different words on your Submit buttons

14. Test changing the size and shape of your buttons

15. Ensure your contact details are clearly visible


16. Split test your web pages using Content Experiments

17. Identify which pages are most viewed and improve them first

18. Identify where, along your sales funnel, your prospects are leaving. For example, when they enter their credit card details or when entering the delivery address, etc.

19. Find out what people are searching for using your website’s site search and use the results to build better content

20. Track your enquiries and sales using Google Analytics Goals facility to work out how much money each visitor is earning you

21 Identify whether your website is being viewed by Smartphones and tablets. If so you may want to consider offering a version of your website tailored to those devices


22. Keep you contact forms to a minimum and ask for the least amount of information you can get away with. If you need more, split your contact form into a “Quick Form” and a “Standard Form” and give your visitor the choice of how much information they would like to give you.

23. Ask your customers and suppliers to give you some honest feedback on your website

Jed Wylie is the author of Make Your Website Sell and works for Morgan Wylie a web design and digital marketing agency in the Midlands.