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15 crucial marketing slide decks

By Alexandra Gavril - June 11, 2015

A great visual social network – and one that probably flies under the radar compared to other social platforms – is SlideShare. It hosts a plethora of slide decks where you can find big ideas and helpful strategies condensed into simple, succinct slides. If you’re short on time, these slide decks are an excellent way to consume killer content quickly and get the information you need to become knowledgeable on any topic you want.

In this post we’ll showcase 15 presentations on marketing from SlideShare that inspired, educated and wowed us. You’ll find out-of-the-box ideas and strategies, surprising stats, research and more.

15 of the best slide decks on marketing

1. Why content marketing fails

Rand Fishkin, the cofounder of Moz, formerly known as SEOmoz, always has amazing content to share on topics like search engine optimisation (SEO) and inbound marketing. In this slide deck he takes an in-depth look at the most common reasons people fail at content marketing and also provides some practical advice on how to be successful at it.

2. How to suck at marketing

Are you stuffing your copy with keywords? Are you sending unsolicited emails to thousands of people who might not be interested in what you have to say? If you’re trying every strategy out there, good or bad, in an attempt to get people to buy from you, then you’re doing it wrong. Watch this presentation to discover the things you shouldn’t do if you want to become a killer marketer.

3. Psychology hacks to boost your marketing

Marketing is about understanding who your audience is and what their needs and desires are. In other words, it’s about understanding the psychology of your audience and what makes them tick. That’s what this slideshow is about. Learn how to apply the proven principles of psychology to your marketing and how to use those insights to deliver exactly what your customers need and want.

4. Content marketing in boring industries

If you’re working in a “boring” industry and don’t know how to promote it in a fun, engaging way, this slideshow is for you. Watch it to learn how to make any industry attractive and how to create content that people want to consume and share. So, if you’re selling paper clips, insurance, or container shipping services, you’ll find some great ideas in this presentation.

5. The Brand Gap

If you’re planning to build a brand from scratch, or trying to figure out why your current brand-building efforts aren’t paying off, this one’s for you. The Brand Gap walks you through the basics of establishing and executing a brand-building strategy. So, if you’re looking into launching your brand, this presentation is a great place to get started.

6. The top 10 most remarkable marketing campaigns EVER

These may not really be the most remarkable marketing campaigns ever, but the examples and analysis will definitely give you a better understanding into what makes a campaign catch on the moment it’s released. Plus, you might also feel inspired and motivated to be more creative and take some risks in your marketing too.

7. Choosing easier. How businesses can improve the experience of choosing

Most of the content shared on Ted Talks is worth watching, and this presentation is no exception. It’s succinct, with only 12 slides, but the message is invaluable. The focus is on “less is more” when it comes to number of choices you should offer to customer and how applying this rule can help boost your brand’s success.

8. Get ready for Marketing 2020

Expectations are changing as we move forward, which means that business owners and marketers need to rethink their approach to ensure they meet the needs of their current and future customers. The presentation includes lots of great real-world examples to learn from.

9. How to (not) fail

An insightful slide deck on brand advocates and how the biggest challenge that businesses face is overcoming indifference. As the presentation says: “Most of ‘your consumers’ are just somebody else’s consumers who occasionally buy you. Our challenge is that people really don’t care. Our challenge is not nurturing enthusiasm but overcoming indifference.” One of the solutions to turn your audience into advocates of your brand is to focus less on your business and your brand, and more on what genuinely interests your customers and prospects.

10. Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling

Storytelling is a big part of marketing. Whether it’s sharing a mission or selling insurance, storytelling is a powerful tool that can mean the difference between extraordinary status and being just another brand. Pixar are masters are storytelling so if you’re going to learn how to tell an incredibly engaging story, they’re guaranteed to have some effective tips and advice you can use in your marketing.

11. Free types of marketing strategies

While there’s nothing revolutionary in this slide deck, it’s an excellent resource for anyone who’s new to marketing. It includes simple and clear strategies from claiming all your online listings, creating content that follows the buyer’s journey to using social proof to build instant trust.

12. The Other C Word: What makes great content marketing great

What’s the quality that makes all marketing great or the ingredient that you’ll find in every amazing piece of content? This presentation reveals it’s “confidence”, because “no matter what the actual content of a message may be, communicating it with confidence trebles, quadruples or even sextuples its change of being well received”. While this is a lesser-known deck, it’s fun and inspiring and definitely worth watching.

13. 50 expert tips for getting started on social media

50 social media experts working in a variety of industries are asked the following question: “If you were to give a one-sentence tip to a small business owner just starting out with social media, what would you say?” Their answers are included in this slide deck, which has many useful tips and tricks on how to get started and how to make the most of social media for business.

14. How to create the perfect social media post

Created by Guy Kawasaki, one of the big names in social media, this slide deck includes clear advice on how to create the perfect social media posts. You’ll learn how to use visuals in your posts to grab your audience’s attention as well as the importance of crediting your source. The presentation is also full of examples of how these perfect posts look when they’re published.

15. The ROI of trust in social selling

If people don’t trust you, they won’t ever consider buying from you. This deck explains how using social media to connect and listen to your audience can help build trust – the key ingredient to closing a sale.

Have a favourite slide deck on marketing that didn’t make the list? We’d love to hear about it so feel free to share it in a comment below.