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Learn how this new business attracts the customers it needs

By Will Stevens - June 14, 2017

Anyone who opens a new business will face plenty of challenges, but one of the biggest is actually getting customers through the door.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, if people don’t know about you then they can’t spend their money with you.

That was the problem facing Mazen Al-awdi and Sina Behbod, founders of gourmet burger restaurant GGs.

In order to tackle that issue head on, the pair knew they needed to make the best possible use of their website.

“GGs website, especially with us being open for a very short period, is vital. The website is great and I feel that is where 123 Reg got involved and helped us a lot with that process,” Mazen said.

“To GGs the website is very important as we are in a modern day society and everybody is online. We found that it’s critical our website is up to date and everybody can access it,” Sina added.

“It’s a form of marketing for us so it is key that within our business we have a properly coordinated website and everyone can access that.

“For GGs it is vital for us to be seen online simply for the fact that the majority of people we have spoken to, have gotten to know GGs through the web, so it is critical that GGs is somewhere within Google, or it is easy to search and very easily accessible.”

But the duo knew that simply having a website on its own wouldn’t be enough. After all, it takes time to climb up the Google rankings so you can’t expect people to find a new business website through a Google search instantly.

That’s why the pair turned to Local Listing from 123 Reg. Local Listing allows you to quickly and easily submit your business details to the online directories that matter.

This has two benefits – first, it improves your local search engine optimisation (SEO), meaning that in the long run you have a better chance of appearing at the top of local search results.

But in the short term, it means you appear in the kind of directories that people use when they want to find a business like yours, and that can give you an immediate boost in customer numbers.

“We’re using 123 Reg Local Listing and it helps local people find GGs,” Mazen explained.

He added: “It’s very important. We are a brand new restaurant, and it takes time for our website to rank in Google, so we need visitors.

“From an online marketing perspective we needed to find a way of showing up in searches and the best way, we thought, was to be visible on local directories where people go to find information on local eateries.”

And Sina was appreciative of how much time the Local Listing tool had saved them: “One of the key factors I noticed is that I don’t need to go to different directories and upload the information. I just go to the Local Listing tool, add the information, save it and everything will updated within 24 hours, so that’s really great.

“123 Reg Local Listing has helped us get out there, people now know where to go in West London to find the best burgers.”

So if your business needs more customers, check out Local Listing today. You can add your business details to the directories that matter in minutes, which will allow potential customers to see who you are, where you are and what you do.

You’ll also get a boost to your local SEO, which could improve your Google search results.

Click here to learn more about Local Listing, and get your free local SEO report which will tell you exactly what can be done to improve your site’s visibility to local customers.