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Did you know…

  • …more mobile devices are being sold than desktops & laptops?
  • …website views via mobile devices increases year on year?
  • …visitors appreciate mobile optimised sites so spend more?

Smartphone and tablet ownership in the UK is on an ever-rising curve and even those who previously saw themselves as technology-challenged are going on line thanks to the ease of use of mobile devices.

That means a potential bigger audience than ever for your website – but only if your site is mobile ready and optimised. With 123-reg’s Website Builder even if you are technology-challenged, you can build a professional looking website, using the drag and drop interface and the large range of templates available at your disposal. A great looking website you control with the minimum of fuss.

Now that offering just got even better. Website Builder now offers fully mobile compatible site in addition to your standard website. Your standard site is unaffected and viewable just like before but when visitors arrive via a mobile device they are automatically re-directed to the mobile-specific site meaning they get a sleeker, much improved customer experience. What’s more you don’t need to do anything extra, it’s all built into the simple template-based wizard system when you purchase the 123-reg Business Website & Mobile package from just £17.99 per month – with discounts for advanced payments.

That’s around 60p a day to ensure you have a professional looking website, accessible to every customer that comes along. With Website Builder your website can take advantage of modules to include social media feeds, checkout functionality and rich media such as videos and audio files. It’s a modern website, anybody can build that matches up to the modern demands of internet users.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Website Builder comes with a 14 day free trial period, so if you don’t agree you can cancel. We don’t think you will however… so get building now.


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