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6 things you must do before the day is out

By Tim Fuell - May 7, 2013

Why should you do them? Well success is based on organisation, preparation and perspiration. So here’s a mix of them that will put you on the right lines to success.

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto | www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto | www.freedigitalphotos.net

1. Order your email box

If it takes two hours, so be it. Delete the chaff and file away the rest in logical folders. Consider it a late spring-clean. An ordered email box, means an ordered mind, makes for a more solid platform to build your success.

2. Return those calls

We all have one or two call-backs we dread. Either because of the person we have to call, the length of time since they were expecting a call or because the topics to be discussed aren’t necessarily positive or awe inspiring. The thing is, the longer they get left, the worse the situation becomes. Clear a space on your desk, grab a drink and pick up the phone. They will be over before you know it and the outcome will probably be better than you expected.

3. Speak to your colleagues

The sun is out so make the most of it. Convene a meeting in the sunshine. It could be a walk in the park, a coffee in a nearby park, or just standing on a terrace outside the door. A change of surroundings can have a big positive impact on your thought process, especially creatively and sharing that with a colleague and sharing their thoughts will be a ‘nice’ thing to do but also have a positive impact on your business. Finding out what others think, feel or observe is an important barometer to working out how your business is running. Communication is key and that needs to begin internally first.

4. Listen to music

Just like changing your location boosts the mind so does changing the sound in your ears. Vary it up too. Uptempo may not be what you need. Soothing the soul can often boost adrenaline and energy as much as a thrash metal big sound. Tuning out of your surroundings and into ‘another place’ even for a mater of minutes will freshen your thinking and help re-focus when you may have hit a block. Don’t be afraid to move to the music either. Movement is another great mind-cleanser. So whether it is moshing Give it a try.

5. Review your work so far this year

If you are in a creative industry this may be easier. Have a look at what you have created, think about how you may have done it differently. Even a couple of weeks on we often look at things in a different frame of mind and consider a different approach.  Even if you are not creative, looking back even just over the books or sale orders will help you focus your mind and attention

6. Prioritise the rest of your week

Bank Holidays are great for BBQ equipment sellers, ice-cream vendors and pretty much most physical retail outlets and entertainment venues. They are not however great for the majority of businesses. Your workload won’t  have remembered you only have a four-day working week, which no doubt means a whole host of things to get through before the weekend. With the five must dos already above, today may also have been a bit off the usual planed path and so number is six is all about making sure you reach the weekend with some sanity and your business intact. List everything you need to get done – even if you know you won’t achieve it all. Then prioritise them all into urgent, very urgent, important etc. If you don’t get the all the important stuff done this week make sure they become the very urgent next week so they do eventually get addressed.

Common-sense? Probably, but if that’s the case why do we so often dread them, put them off or forget them. If you learn anything this week let it be that non of us are perfect and a little bit of help here and there, the odd re-focus etc is normal and healthy if you are achieve long-term success.