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This week it’s Malware Awareness week here are 123-reg. So, we thought we’d take you through the evolution of malware throughout the years so you can see how much more dangerous it has become.

From ‘innocently annoying’…

Malware has evolved plenty from a bizarre hobby for computer geeks to profitable organised cyber-crime. Digital threats are a huge source of profit for hackers and thus the reason why malware will continue to be a big threat to IT infrastructures in the future. Malware will become more complex as hackers are constantly improving their techniques.

Early forms of digital threats can be described as “innocently annoying” because these weren’t particularly harmful but mere pranks pulled by young computer geeks. These malwares would usually reach your PC when opened the attachment from inside an innocent-looking email that reached your inbox. When you opened the attached file, the malware would launch which would then send a copy of that email to all the people in your address book. The purpose was simply to fill up your email storage space and nothing more. Using an antivirus was the simplest solution to stop these types of digital threats.

… to ‘severely damaging’

Later on, malware became more complex and that’s because hackers discovered that they could use this to earn a lot of money. Those were the days when PC users were afraid to connect to the Internet because of the tens of pop up ads that were appearing on their screens every 3 minutes. The worst thing was that, at that time, antiviruses were having a difficult time tracking the signature of many types of malware.

Today malware is becoming even more sophisticated and dangerous. It’s now made to attack specific sites of particular businesses, governments or people and it’s focusing on theft and other illicit activities. So, we can say that digital threats have ‘evolved’ from ‘innocently annoying’ to ‘severely damaging’ as the hackers are no longer those smart kids that just want to have fun but web-savvy programmers that have technology at their fingertips and are not afraid to use it to their benefit.

Malware now targets sensitive information related to credit cards or even your identity. What’s scary is that this complex generation of malware is making it difficult for antivirus software to detect it. Hackers are changing their techniques by creating malware that can learn and adapt on their own. These new strains of malware don’t cause any physical damage but instead get the sensitive information the hacker needs and even shuts itself down to prevent from being discovered by an antivirus. This means that you may not even be aware that your computer or your site has been infected with malware.

How can you keep your site safe from malware?

Today’s complex cyber threats are a security issue that must be considered by everyone from a simple home user to large businesses and government agencies. The need for better defense systems and security tools that can adapt at a rapid pace to keep up with these ever-changing digital threats has led us to launch Site Scanner. This is an unbeatable malware monitoring tool that can help keep your site safe and secure from both known and unknown digital threats.

With Site Scanner you know if your site has been infected with malicious code and you can act in minutes so you can keep your site safe. Try it now or contact us if you want to learn more about it.

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