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What is AuthorRank and how to implement rel=”author”

You’ve probably seen those rich snippets in Google’s search results that show you not only the name of the author of a blog post but also his picture. This is a really cool feature because when you write a blog post your readers can also put a face to your name. Since recently, Google has [...]

Why do we trust some domains over others?

Do you pay attention to the links in the search results? Years back, when spam wasn’t such a big issue, I hardly ever looked at the URL and the name of the website before clicking on it. Now I am more careful on what I click, I look at the domain name and if I [...]

Why would you want to quit Google?

Last week Kate Dailey posed a question on BBC News Magazine Online: “Is it possible to quit Google?“.  Featuring the thoughts of three computer professionals trying to part ways with Google, the article raised concerns over the Google group’s privacy agreements that even EU officials have suggested are too invasive, but is Google really that [...]

Why You Need to Get to Grips with Google+ Local

You’ve heard all the furore about Google’s (relatively) new social platform, your online marketing manager or agency has explained the implications for search, and your business now has a page on the network; it’s time to start making the most of the features it offers. One of these features is Google+ Local, a new combination [...]

The majority don’t understand search

Search Engine Optimisation is probably the biggest investment you can make in tweaking your website but if you needed proof that it isn’t a magic wand, take a look at the top search terms using Google Insights for Search. These are the top 10 searches via Google UK in the last 12 months: It’s a [...]

Getting geeky with Google

It seems everybody under the sun knows how to use Google nowadays. Whereas once you could shine and show colleagues and family how to make the most of the internet, now Googling is almost as natural as brushing your teeth – whatever your age and experience. Yet, there are still some hidden Google talents that [...]

The UK is watching

Whether it was people trying to overcome party hangovers or kids finishing school in the middle of the month, YouTube is celebrating December 2011 as its busiest month of traffic ever. According to Experian Hitwise,  YouTube now accounts for 1 in every 4 visits to a social network in the UK and 1 in 30 [...]

Adjusting to Google’s sitelinks change

Google announced recently that it has improved the way sitelinks appear. The newer version is expanded and it’s presented as a column of relevant links. Now when people search for a site they instantly see a greater idea of what your site includes. The purpose of this update is for users to get to the [...]

9 tips for setting up your first YouTube campaign.

YouTube is massive. As a stand alone search engine it’s the second largest. It is the third biggest online destination behind Facebook and Google. Those facts alone mean that is has to be a part of your online media mix. But when consider how engaging video is, YouTube becomes even more important. Consumers like watching [...]