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Keeping it real in the virtual world

Running an online business has many advantages over a traditional bricks and mortar company. A virtual shop front gives you the ability to attract customers from all around the world. You’re not restricted to people passing on the local High Street. Your overheads are typically smaller, and if your product is an online service, you [...]

Plan your wedding online

How building a wedding website can help you to save time and money Summer is right around the corner and with hopefully warmer weather coming it also brings on the wedding season. Getting married is one of the most important and happiest moments in life, but the actual planning can be a hassle. There are [...]

Mobile design does not forgive!

Image source: icelava Nowadays we no longer depend on a PC to check emails, interact on social networks, check flights, and shop online. We can do that and a lot more with a mobile device, and we can do it no matter where we are – in a bus, in a store or in a [...]

8 WordPress Plugins you have to Install

WordPress is one of the most well known blogging platforms. In recent years it has evolved so much that people like myself use it as the CMS of choice for all their websites. As well as this you can install a wide range of plugins, acting like extensions/add-ons to the WordPress platform, that can really [...]

Brand success is never guaranteed

It still is the real thing. Coca-Cola has been named the world’s most valuable brand for the 12th year running according to the respected Interbrand annual global brand report but Apple‘s value has increased by 58% year on year and at this rate will be challenging for a top three spot next year. Coca-Cola’s valuation [...]

9 tips for setting up your first YouTube campaign.

YouTube is massive. As a stand alone search engine it’s the second largest. It is the third biggest online destination behind Facebook and Google. Those facts alone mean that is has to be a part of your online media mix. But when consider how engaging video is, YouTube becomes even more important. Consumers like watching [...]

Using heatmaps to decide where to put calls to action

Years back, it was difficult to figure out what was really going on on your website. You could only assume why some visitors weren’t buying or why others were leaving the site in less than 5 seconds. These days, we have heatmaps. A heatmap is actually an image that shows you exactly where your visitors [...]

New map shows broadband slow spots – but here are our best broadband tools

Communications regulator Ofcom has published a colourful online map showing the state of broadband in the UK. It shows broadband take-up in each area, average connection speeds and what percentage of homes can’t even manage a paltry 2Mbps speed. (In 2009 the government said everyone should be able to get a 2Mbps connection by 2012, [...]

Content is still king – more or less…

We’ve featured video here before from Matt Cutts and this contribution on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube account is well worth viewing. Understanding how Google indexes and ranks has got to be easier to understand from those who deal with it every day an are responsible for tweaking it, right? Well we enjoy Matt Cutts’ [...]

What’s that splodge mean?

As a tech-savvy lot, many of you will already know what a QR code is or at least what it does, but as more and more advertisers turn to using it in print and even TV ads, we thought we’d try and come up with a short post of what, when, how and why QR [...]