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Nick Leech

Swift Six: Building trust in your website

Being seen as trustworthy is vital for any business website. In this short video I guide you through six elements every website must have in order to gain the trust of potential customers. You don’t need to be a tech guru to implement the advice and doing so will help ensure people get the right [...]


The Content Window – February 2014

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February’s 123-Reg Content Hub was packed full of advice, hints and tips for people looking to do business online. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the things you may have missed :

Google Town Hall

If you missed our Google Town Hall event…

Last week 123-reg hosted a very successful event at Google Town Hall with an array of experts from inside our business and beyond offering insight and tips on doing better business online. If you missed it, or want to enjoy some of those gems of wisdom again, here are the five presentations in glorious Google vision. [...]

6 TED talks to inspire and motivate

Almost a beacon of the success of the internet and especially the sharing web, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences owned and organised by US based non-profit organisation Sapling Foundation. Formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading” in 1984 it was originally a one-off event. The rise of the internet however, [...]

What makes a trending campaign? 6 types of successful viral videos

Trending on YouTube is becoming something of a goal for brands and individuals alike. The celebrity craving in the modern era is beaten only by corporate ad teams striving to prove their worth and have a little fun alongside it. This week saw the latest of these with Three Mobile releasing their TV campaign of [...]

Use transcriptions so the world can see your videos

We’ve highlighted the SEO value in YouTube before, as the second largest search engine in the world, you are fool not to be featuring your brand, but it appears few people know about a YouTube feature that not only expands your reach but can also improve your SEO. For every video uploaded you have probably [...]

Video interview with Laura Rigney co-founder of MumpreneurUK

If you read our blog of yesterday you will know that we attended the very successful MumpreneurUK annual Conference and Awards over the weekend. While we were there, we caught up with co-founder Laura Rigney and asked her what MumpreneurUK is all about, why mumpreneurs are overcoming the current economic crisis and what it takes [...]