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Make Your Website Sell: More Money for Less Work

If this sounds ambitious then I promise it can be done courtesy of the wonderful Pareto Law (or the “80:20 Rule”). The Pareto Law states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort and you can find its effects in many areas of life.  For example: You wear 20% of your wardrobe [...]

Best places to get free WordPress website templates

A few years back, most templates for WordPress looked like traditional blog, with basic functionality and nothing more. However, web designers have been getting more creative when it comes to free WordPress website templates. That’s because user requirements and expectations for WordPress blog templates are now very high. People expect all templates and themes, free [...]

What’s so great about an online website builder?

I remember when I first started with my own website.  I hardly knew any code so how was I supposed to build a website from scratch? Sure, I had some friends that were doing web design and programming, but I couldn’t ask them to do it for free because I knew this takes time and [...]

Where to find free fonts to jazz up your site

If you’re looking to jazz up your site and want to know where to find free fonts or how to create free fonts yourself, then read on. If not, read on anyway, a font can do many things for your site. Although there are many websites that offer free fonts, we know how hard it [...]

The easy website builder: Adding Social Media widgets to your site

When I’m a fan of a website, whether it’s an online clothing shop, a travel agency or a restaurant, I usually become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I think that’s what we all do so we can engage with them and to ensure we don’t miss any of their offers. Everything [...]

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Will Web 3.0 literally reach out to customers?

Web 1.0 connected parts of the world and communities in ways that few had every imagined but it was flat and one-dimensional. Where once a letter may have taken weeks to be delivered, an email could be sent almost instantaneously but it was still only really old technology being pushed in a new format. Web [...]

Cutting costs with an all-in-one website builder

How can you build an online business from scratch without spending loads? In the past you may have needed a whole team of people to help you design and code your site, but now there are easier and cheaper solutions that can help you build your site from scratch even if you don’t know any [...]

How to build a site that visitors trust

Every business on the Internet wants to achieve four goals: increase sales, get more revenue, increase customer loyalty and get new customers. There are many ways to achieve these goals like offering discounts, creating contests and promoting products and services on every relevant channel. Even if these techniques are good and work most of the [...]

Keeping it real in the virtual world

Running an online business has many advantages over a traditional bricks and mortar company. A virtual shop front gives you the ability to attract customers from all around the world. You’re not restricted to people passing on the local High Street. Your overheads are typically smaller, and if your product is an online service, you [...]

Multivariate testing: how to prove your website changes work

For many big internet companies – Amazon, say, or Google – the idea that there’s a single version of their website is laughable. That’s because these firms are constantly experimenting with different designs, layouts, colours, processes or text. By using website analysis and optimisation tools, these companies can create multiple variants of a page and [...]