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What is a website builder and how does it work?

By Will Stevens - April 14, 2022

A website builder is a tool used to create and host a website, it’s usually aimed at people with no technical skills so you don’t need to code to use one. It lets people builder their own website without having to pay a web designer or developer, or having to learn those skills themselves. 

How does a website builder work? 

Think of a website builder as an app that lets people create websites. The app has been coded in a way that lets user create their website by selecting a template and then modifying it using a drag and drop interface. 

The template you choose will dictate the overall look of your site, while the drag and drop interface can be used to add content that’s specific to your business or organisation. 

Just some of the templates offered by the 123 Reg Website Builder

Just some of the templates offered by the 123 Reg Website Builder

You’ll be able to add images, headings, text, videos and more. Plus, the drag and drop interface means that as you edit your site, you’ll be able to see what it will look like once you’ve hit “publish”. 

The behind-the-scenes magic of a website builder mean that you don’t have to touch a single line of code to get your website up and running, although getting to grips with basic HTML may be helpful if you want to use the app’s advanced features. 

A website builder also comes with web hosting built in, so you don’t need to worry about buying separate hosting. You will need a domain name (sometimes known as a website name). With the 123 Reg Website Builder you get a domain name free for the first year. 

Why should I use a website builder? 

A website builder is the easiest way for someone without web design skills to create a website. Here are the reasons why you should consider using one: 

Easy to get started 

We’ve already covered this one, but it bears repeating. By far the biggest advantage of a website builder is how easy it is to use. 

Easy to update 

What if you want to change the opening hours on your website or add details of a new service? In the past, that probably meant contacting a web designer to ask them to do it for you. With a website builder you can make simple changes quickly and easily with a couple of clicks and a few keystrokes. 

They’re budget friendly 

You can get the 123 Reg Website Builder Standard package from just £2.50 a month for the first year. When you consider that you’d probably pay a web designer at least £500 for a basic website, plus the cost of hosting on top of that, a website builder seems cheap by comparison. 

They allow you to do so much 

One of the reasons website builders used to be frowned upon was that you could only use them to create a basic site. 

Now, the best website builders allow you to add advanced features to your site, including ecommerce functionality. You’ll likely have to pay more for a site builder offering advanced features (such as an online shop), but it’s still likely to work out cheaper than using a web designer.  

What kind of website can I build with a web builder? 

If you want any kind of small business website, then a website builder will be able to do the job. 

The 123 Reg Website Builder offers templates for businesses such as restaurants, tradespeople, cleaners, shops and more. In fact, we offer more than 100 templates for you to choose from. 

Although you won’t be able to build the next Facebook using a website builder, you’re almost certain to get a website that meets the needs of any small or medium size business. 

Summing up 

You can use a website builder to create almost any kind of small business website, even if you don’t have technical skills. 

This is because web builders have been created in a way that lets you use a simple interface to create your site, rather than having to input code manually. 

Using a website builder to create your site is a great option if you’re just starting out and only have a small budget.