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Eight things you didn’t know you could do with the 123 Reg Website Builder

By Alexandra Gavril - December 1, 2020

Starting a website and getting it online is easy. Register a domain name, buy a web hosting package, get a template, and your website could be up and running today. It’s no wonder there are almost 2 billion websites on the internet, with new ones being created every second.

Getting a website online is the easy part. But a website is much more than a domain name and hosting. It’s the place where you draw potential customers and present your expertise, knowledge, and business idea in the best possible light. It’s also where you tell your story and persuade visitors to care, trust, and choose you over the competition.

A great domain isn’t enough to achieve success. But a great-looking, easy to use website packed with features that make interaction and communication with customers a breeze is. This is where the 123 Reg Website Builder can help.

So, whether you want to get your first site online or to provide a better experience to anyone who visits your website, this guide can help you learn how you can do more with our Website Builder and achieve success online.

1. Get a great-looking website up and running on your lunch break

Hard to imagine that your first or new website could be online and welcoming visitors today, right? Well, it can.

Creating a website is no longer a monumental task that’s time-consuming, expensive or only possible if you know code or have technical skills. With 123 Reg’s Website Builder, you can get your website up and running on your lunch break.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about extra steps like buying a domain, hosting, or an SSL certificate to keep your site and visitors safe and secure. It’s all part of your package, including a vast collection of design templates created with businesses like yours in mind.

2. Provide a great user experience on all devices

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website on your mobile and not being able to view all the content, find the menu, or navigate to other parts of the site. Not having a website that displays and works properly on all devices can frustrate and drive visitors away to the point they never want to come back.

Fortunately, with our Website Builder, this is one less thing to worry about. That’s because any template you choose from our collection not only looks great but also works properly on all devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. So you can rest assured your visitors and potential customers will have a smooth experience, no matter the device they’re using to browse through your site.

3. Stay up to date with how well your website is doing

How many people are visiting your website? And are they coming from search engines like Google, social media channels like Instagram, or other sites, groups, and forums?

With 123 Reg’s Website Builder, you can see how well your site is performing right in your dashboard. You can quickly learn if you’re doing a good job at drawing visitors in, or if you need to invest some time and effort in other ways to promote your site and bring more people in.

4. Build trust with a personalised email address

Building trust online starts with small things like a must-have professional email address. In fact, did you know that 83% of global consumers still prefer email to communicate with businesses?

So, whether you’re a business owner, a professional taking the first steps to build a brand, or a job-seeker looking for new opportunities, you need an email address that tells the world you’re serious about what you do. Fortunately, the Website Builder comes with a free email address that you can personalise to your domain name.

Add it to your website and encourage prospects and customers to reach out to you if they have questions, concerns, or if they need more information about how you can help. It’s a simple yet effective way to reassure visitors they’re dealing with a real business.

Learn more about the benefits of a professional email address, and the impact it can have on your business.

5. Use social proof to sell more

There’s nothing that builds trust and entices prospects to buy from you like reviews and testimonials from previous customers. In many cases, it can make the difference between a visitor leaving your site in seconds and one buying from you a minute later because of a customer testimonial they just read.

The good news is that with Website Builder Pro you can integrate and display Yelp reviews on your site for visitors to read. This saves them the time they’d spend researching your business while increasing the chances they’ll buy from you.

6. Engage with customers via Zoom video conferencing

Whether you’re a fitness trainer, a therapist, or a plumber, a video conference with potential customers can help to better explain what you do and the benefits of working with you.

With the 123 Reg Website Builder, you can give prospects a quick and convenient way to have a chat with you via Zoom video conferencing. Visitors can quickly video call you through your website to learn more about what you do and how you can help. It’s a great way to get to know your customers, build trust, and entice them to do business with you. You can even use it to answer questions and concerns and provide an estimate for a project.

7. Make it easy for anyone to book an appointment with you

If you regularly take appointments for your plumbing or accounting business, bike repair shop, or Yoga classes, you’ll need a simple way to allow people to book with you. With the Website Builder, you can add a Google Calendar on your site and let people choose the time slot that’s most convenient for them.

This will make your life so much easier. Prospects will know exactly what your availability is like and select a time that works best for them, and you’ll get notified the moment they book an appointment with you.

8. Sell your products online

Selling products online has never been easier or more affordable. With Online Shop from 123 Reg, you can build and get your ecommerce website up and running just as easily as a website. Depending on your needs and the size of your store, you can choose between three Online Shop packages to sell your products online.

You’ll get all the useful features included in the Website Builder and many others that are designed to help you sell more online like discount codes, shipping rates, and stock control.

Wrapping up

Have an idea that you want to turn into an online business? Or want to improve your website so it looks great and works properly on all devices? Take advantage of 123 Reg’s Website Builder to create a fully functional website that’ll help you to build trust, stand out online, and achieve success long-term.