As Formula 1 followers will know, Honda have pulled out of the sport.  Last week there was a management buy out of their former F1 team, now known as Brawn GP.  We’re delighted to see that when setting up their new official website Brawn GP chose 123-reg.

It was only December when Honda announced they were quitting Formula 1, which didn’t leave much time for Ross Brawn — the strategy mastermind behind Michael Schumacher’s famous championships for Ferrari — to get his new team up and running.

And given it was costs, especially during the credit crunch, that forced Honda out, Brawn GP needed to get set up on the cheap; they even got Jenson Button for half price.

So it makes sense that they turned to 123-reg to register their domains, with our great value domain names and simple order process they could quickly buy the domains they needed while spending their money wisely.

Good luck to Ross and the team for their debut season!  Not sure about the lime green though – perhaps it’ll look good under the lights of the Singapore night race …

PS:  Before anybody worries that we’re divulging private information from our customer database: we’re not.  Who a domain is registered with is one of the pieces of information available in public whois records, and that’s how we discovered who is registered with.

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