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Domain Names and Trademarks: A Guide for Your Online Brand  

By Thom Harrison - April 22, 2024

What’s the difference between a Domain Name and Trademark?

Getting to grips with brand protection online 

Reverse branding

Explore thousands of domains and turn your idea into a reality 

Who regulates Domain Names?  

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Who regulates Trademarks?

Can I trademark a domain name?

I own the trademark. Don’t I have rights to the domain name? 


Can my domain name infringe on someone else’s trademark? 

What’s Domain Parking?

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What’s Cybersquatting?  

What happens if I try to order a domain with a Trademark Claim?  

Can I register a TLD (domain ending) associated with my trademark?  

What’s a Premium Domain?

What’s a Registry Premium Domain?

Wrap up