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What is domain parking?

By Will Stevens - November 4, 2022

If you’ve spent much time registering domains, or reading about the industries that have sprung up around them, you’ve probably come across the concept of domain parking at some point.

What is domain parking?

A parked domain is one which has been bought and then used to display a single page. At its simplest, a parked domain could point to an ‘under construction’ page. You could even fit it out with an early-90s throwback roadworks sign for that retro feel.

Why choose domain parking?

A domain is usually parked in this way when the owner is planning to use it for something, but just hasn’t got round to it yet. This could be a simple holding page letting people know that a full website will be coming soon. However, people can also opt to use domain parking to display adverts, which can generate an income.

How do people make money from domain parking?

Many domain names are parked in a way which generates cash for the owner. The revenue usually comes from adverts which are displayed on the parked domain’s page. Each time an advert gets clicked, the owner of the domain receives a small payment.

People who want to generate meaningful revenue with parked domains look for specific types of domains to exploit:

  • Recently dropped domains. These are domain names which a previous owner has allowed to expire. They often have an established history in Google, and potentially some residual ‘type-in traffic’ (visitors who know the site and type the domain name straight into their web browser). However, you need to make sure that any dropped domains you buy aren’t protected by a trademark.
  • Generic domain names. It’s surprising how many people type a word into the address bar of their web browser when looking for information. If you own a domain name containing a generic word or term then you might be surprised to see how much type-in traffic it gets.

About domain parking services

How domain parking works

If you want to park a domain name, you’ll need to change its nameservers via your domain registrars settings so they match those of your chosen domain parking service. You can learn how to change your nameservers for domains with 123 Reg here. Your domain parking provider should also allow you to configure the kinds of adverts that will appear on your site. Once you’ve got everything set up, your parked domain will display ads to visitors and you’ll earn money every time someone clicks an ad.

Can you park a domain for free?

In most cases, a domain parking service will take a cut of the revenue generated every time someone clicks an ad displayed on a parked website. That means you shouldn’t have to pay an upfront fee to park a domain. However, don’t forget that you’ll still need to pay to renew your parked domain names.

How much is domain parking?

Usually, the only cost associated with domain parking is the price of buying and renewing a domain name. That means you can expect to pay around £10-20 a year to keep a parked domain name. However, the cost will vary depending on the type of domain you have parked.

How long can a domain be parked?

There’s no time limit on domain parking. As long as you keep renewing your domain name and keep your domain’s nameservers pointed at your domain parking service, then your domain will remain parked.

Are parked domains safe?

Using a reputable domain name provider and parking service will help to ensure that your parked domains are safe. However, you will still need to take practical steps to make sure your domains are secure. This includes using strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts, including your domain provider and parking service. If you’re concerned about certain types of ad appearing on your parked domain, a reputable parking service should allow you to filter the kinds of ads you display.

How to buy a parked domain

If you’re interested in buying a parked domain that’s owned by someone else, you’ll need to take steps to identify the owner and make them an offer. You could try using a domain broker service, like the one offered by GoDaddy. Alternatively, you could backorder the domain in the hope that you’ll be able to secure it if the current owner fails to renew it.

How much can you make from domain parking?

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make from domain parking. However, your income will depend on the number of clicks the ads displayed on your parked websites get. The amount of income you get from each click will likely be in the pennies, so your parked domains will need a steady stream of traffic if you’re going to make even a reasonable amount of money.

Having said that, they can provide a steady stream of income. Parking a domain you’re not using can be a good way to make it pay its way, and if you pick your domain names carefully, you could see a good rate of return. Check if your preferred domain name is still available.

Summing up

Domain parking is a great way to let people know that you’re planning on doing something with a domain name. Alternatively, you can use it to generate income by partnering with a domain parking service and running ads on your domain. It’s unlikely to make you a huge amount of money, but it could provide you with an extra income stream.