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Inspiring stories from Self Starters

By Will Stevens - October 25, 2022

Dreaming of starting a business? Here’s some inspiration from people who have been there, done that. The road hasn’t always been smooth for these Self Starters, but they’ve reached a place where what they do makes them happy. Their advice could help you do the same.

Getting started is important

An idea is just an idea until you do something about it. Getting started on a new business can feel intimidating, but if you let that feeling get the best, you’ll have no chance of achieving your dreams.

“It isn’t about achieving perfection from day one, because there’s a million things you don’t know. When you strive to make something perfect, you naturally put loads of obstacles in the way. So just start the business.”

Theo Michaels, celebrity chef and founder of Lazy Bear Coffee.

Theo Michaels

Theo Michaels

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You could regret doing nothing

Sometimes, doing nothing feels like a way to avoid regret. But often, the biggest regrets come from missing out on opportunities we could have taken.

My one regret would be not making the leap of faith to start this business years ago.

Joe Birchley, founder of joinery business Making Wood Good.

Joe Birchley of Making Wood Good

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It’s not all about the bottom line

Often, people fixate on establishing a business that will make them rich. Of course, you’ll want your venture to be profitable, but it’s not the money that will give you your biggest sense of achievement.

“What makes it all worth it? When people say that they love what I’ve made.”

Fumio Obata, illustrator and comic book writer.

Fumio Obata

Fumio Obata

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Pushing yourself is the key to achievement

Self Starters don’t settle, they strive for more. It’s this desire to achieve that leads to the true benefits of being your own boss.

“I could have opted for the easy life, but I would not have had the sense of fulfilment and a life well lived.”

Albert King, artist and founder of Albert King Woodcarvings.

Albert King in his workshop wood carving

Albert King at work

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Go back to basics when things seem hard

No one’s pretending that life as a Self Starter is straightforward – the challenges are what leads to that sense of fulfilment. When things get tough, it can help to look back on why you do what you do.

“Remember why you have created the business in the first place. Have this in your head every time you hit a hard patch as there will be plenty of occasions that you think you can’t carry on anymore. The why will always get you through!”

Adam Blakey, co-founder of Lil Beatz Clothing.

Adam Blakey and Vicci Small of Lil Beatz

Adam snd Vicci, founders of Lil Beatz

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You can’t beat the feeling of making a difference

Getting things done is important, but knowing what you do makes a difference is incomparable. Stay focused on that.

“To know that the work that you do has a direct impact on the success of the company and the staff is an amazing feeling. Becoming your own boss is both liberating and scary all at the same time, and you will have hurdles along the way. As long as you are prepared to take the rough with the smooth, you will win in the long run.”

Chris Ross, cofounder of The Floodgate.

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Picking the right partners matters

Although being a Self Starter means wearing a lot of hats, it doesn’t mean going it alone. Joining forces with the right businesses can help you achieve your goals.

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Theo Michaels

“The 123 Reg staff are genuinely friendly and enthusiastic about what I do. They gave examples of similar business websites and talked through the pros and cons which was very helpful.”

Fumio Obata

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