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How Fumio Obata told his story online with 123 Reg

By 123 Reg - September 6, 2022

In 2007, Fumio Obata’s digital presence was a blank canvas. He chose 123 Reg to exhibit his artistry online, and 15 years later, his website continues to evolve with his portfolio of work. From business fantasy to reality, this is the story of Self Starter, Fumio Obata.

The first chapter of many

Comic book writing and illustration is Fumio Obata’s creative outlet. While working in an animation studio in Edinburgh, he decided to return to his love for comic book creation.

“It was a mixture of having personal breathing space under the studio pressure and following my childhood dream. Having studied illustration also pushed me to have my own platform. Then it slowly got going.”

He takes pride in his illustration skills, unique angles and grasp of audience; three elements which have helped establish himself within the industry. As his career has progressed, Fumio has worked with Duran Duran and Channel 4, as well as publishing highly-acclaimed graphic novels in multiple countries.

“Perseverance has helped me, and not comparing myself with others.”

“My biggest passion is writing stories and telling them through a series of pictures. I like being able to talk about subtle things in life which are overlooked but influence us deeply without being aware.”

For this artist, success is not only about doing what he loves, but making enough profits to keep going – managing interesting projects that pay for both his time and talent. Inspired by the world around him and the unsung heroes within it, Fumio reiterates the importance of collaboration, kindness and respect.

“Be willing to collaborate and respect customers’ ideas.”

He has learnt many lessons in running a business and truly believes “the work chooses you”. Imagination knows no bounds, and Fumio has learnt to take charge of his own narrative and illustrate the value of his business.

“Be precise about what you can offer, and do not let others take advantage of you. I needed someone else on my side, and an agent has helped with this.”

He wouldn’t change anything though, explaining it’s not necessary to dwell on the past. If there’s one thing he could tell his younger self though, it would be to worry a little less.

Illustrator Fumio Obata

Illustrator Fumio Obata

Drawing business into online existence

An impressive portfolio requires an impressive website, which is why comic book author and university lecturer Fumio chose to showcase his work online with 123 Reg. Recommended by a friend and freelance web designer, 123 Reg has helped bring Fumio Obata’s brand story to life.

“The 123 Reg staff are genuinely friendly and enthusiastic about what I do.”

He describes his experience of building a website as a “close working relationship”, liaising with the award-winning support team to perfect his digital presence.

“They gave examples of similar business websites and talked through the pros and cons which was very helpful. Later they updated me on the latest tools, which gave me a new insight into my website design. The templates were straightforward and easy to land on the final design.”

This long-lasting customer has discovered the simplest way to succeed online, maximise his potential and showcase his brilliant work. And what makes it all worthwhile?

“What makes it all worth it? When people say that they love what I’ve made.”

Feeling inspired?

If you’re inspired by Fumio’s story and you are ready to start your own online journey, we’re ready to help.

We also love hearing about our customers’ success stories. So, if you have a great story to share about how 123 Reg has helped your online business, get in touch here.