Increasing consumer confidence is a must for businesses and individuals that make money from selling online. However, the latest statistics from the Office of Fair Trading highlight that even many of the UK’s top online retailers are operating illegally – and not in the best interests of the consumer.

To promote a code of best practice, we’ve teamed up with a online shop accreditation scheme, SafeBuy, to raise awareness and educate companies which trade online.

As part of this, all 123-reg ecommerce customers can claim 6 months of SafeBuy membership completely free (terms apply, of course).

SafeBuy is the only online shop accreditation scheme approved to Stage 1 by the OFT. When you join the scheme, you’ll get:

  • Pre-packaged terms and conditions. You can use these on your ecommerce website, alongside the SafeBuy logo. It’s worth using them because they’re definitely legal and provide protection for your online shop, as well as giving your customers a fair deal. It also solves the problem of where to get terms and conditions for your website from. Many online shops just copy and paste their terms and conditions from other sites – this is illegal in itself.
  • The chance to display the SafeBuy logo on your site. This recognisable logo reassures customers that your site complies with the SafeBuy code of practice – a set of rules ensuring consumers and retailers alike get a fair deal.
  • Access to a mediation service, in the event of disputes with customers.

Of course, when you join the scheme, you will need to agree to comply with the SafeBuy code of practice, which advances consumer rights beyond the law’s requirements. For instance, it extends the consumer’s right of return from seven to fourteen days.

SafeBuy certified sites are reviewed on a constant sampling basis agreed with the OFT. Mystery shopper exercises are also carried out to make sure that retailers are adhering to the scheme.

All this means that having the SafeBuy logo on your site really does give prospective customers guarantees. They’ll know you’ve signed up to the code of practice. And they’ll know that SafeBuy actually checks up on accredited sites, to ensure they’re playing by the rules.

It could boost your sales and make your online shop more successful. And it’s free for 6 months, so what have you got to lose?

Check out our ecommerce packages now. They start at £8.99 a month – there are several levels, to suit different levels of online trading.

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