Somewhat to my surprise, I find I’m giving a free talk on MySQL quirks in Leeds this evening — I’d been expecting to attend talks on Raid and Cacti, but the speaker can’t make it so the organizer’s asked me to step in. Fortunately the presentation is already written.

So if you’re in Yorkshire and you use MySQL, do come along. The talk’s called ‘When MySQL Bites: Quirks to Watch Out For’ — full abstract and location details below.

MySQL is a very popular DBMS. Or rather, it’s very widely used, which is not necessarily the same thing. It has quite a few quirks, behaviour that many people wouldn’t expect and which if you aren’t aware of can be the cause of much frustration, pain, and data loss.

In the hope that more people being aware of these infelicities will reduce the damage they can do, a collection of them is presented here, along with tips and techniques for dealing with them.

There’s also an examination of why so often the MySQL feature is tantalizingly only available in one version higher than the one you’re running.

The talk starts at 19:00, with the venue (the former BBC Leeds building) open from 18:00 for coffee and chat — and, most likely, the unedifying spectacle of a last-minute speaker frantically trying to get the projector to work.

Old Broadcasting House
148 Woodhouse Lane

The event is organized by Wylug, a Linux user group. Talks are free and open to everybody, so 123-reg customers are most welcome: you don’t have to join, and you don’t even have to know Linux — while MySQL is often used on Linux, there’s nothing Linux-specific in tonight’s talk!

Sorry about the short notice — we’ll try to give you more warning the next time any of us are speaking at an event, assuming that we know about it ourselves of course.

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