There may be a sort of irony in those who have chosen the freelance way of life joining together but freelancing is more about efficiency and work-life balance than working on your own.

Today is the third annual National Freelancers Day celebrating the freelance way of work and in current economic times it is an option more and more individuals and companies are looking at.

As the official site says: “It is more than a celebration – it is about adding credibility to a crucial method of working in the UK.”. To many it is “the future of work”. Minimising overheads and maximising expertise. Naitonal Freelancer’s Day 2010 focused on ‘Freeing up potential’ and the 2011 campaign aims to build upon that and promote the fact that freelancers offer increased efficiency and productivity to help grow small business and aid economic recovery in the UK.

National Freelancers Day is organised by PCG an associaton representing the needs of freelancers in the UK. You can follow the event on Facebook and via the twitter hashtag #NFD23NOV

Are you a freelancer? What is the biggest hurdle you face on a daily basis?

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