Selling overseas is not easy. You need to identify the right market; create localised versions of your website; change your ads so they appeal to locals; create localised distribution; and find out how to reach potential customers with your message.

Introducing Google Ads for Global Advertisers

To help out business looking to expand to overseas markets Google have developed a load of new resources. These are all clustered on a new site called Google Ads for Global Advertisers.

This allows businesses to find the right market for their products, translate the website and ads, set up campaigns to reach new customers, and work out payment, shipping and customer service issues.

The Global Market Finder

There’s also a tool called Global Market Finder which helps work out which markets have a high demand for products and services. The tool translates a keyword into 56 languages, and then uses search trends to see where in the world people search for the products and services.

The tool shows the volume of local searches, the estimated price for keywords, and the competition for keywords in that market. This makes it really easy to work out how competitive local markets are, how much interest there is a in a product or service, and how much it would cost to start advertising in that market.

We know what you’re up to!

It’s easy to see Google’s play here: the more global interest there is in international markets, the higher the market CPC will rise.

But as a company this is a great way to take a quick snapshot at a market before starting the more expensive and lengthy process of local research.

Nick Leech runs Digital Marketing Agency Euston Digital

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