If you have a portfolio of dormant domains and are not yet putting them to use with our 123-reg Parking scheme you may consider spending a few hours of your time developing a basic site and signing it up for Google Adsense. Adsense is perhaps Google’s lesser known advertising programs. The more familiar Google Adwords is actually used as the source of the ads used for the Adsense program but the latter is free to sign up to and free to use. Effectively Adwords users pay money to run these ads so that they themselves can generate money by sending people to their websites, while AdSense enables people running websites (Publishers) to place those ads on their sites and earn money from them. When an ad is clicked, Google pays the publisher about half of what the Adwords advertiser is paying and keeps the other half itself.


Google Adsense works well within any site because the ads that Google shows on a website is relevant to the website’s content. This means the ads appear less conspicious to your visitors and ensures that more clicks come from your visitors who are more likely to be seeing ads that appeal to them. For example, a website page about ‘holidays in turkey’ would be populated via AdSense with ads about ‘holidays in turkey’ or something relevant to the same. So after reading your content, the likelihood is that your visitors will be only too keen to click on relevant links being thrown up in the AdSense panel.

So you can earn per click from AdSense but also if you have high volume traffic to your site you can also earn from that too. In addition Google will also pay ‘per-thousand-impressions’ (CPM). So, for every thousand unique visitors your site gets, providing the Adsense ads are being displayed you will get paid whether they click the links or not.

Making the most of AdSense

Natural ads – through the Google AdSense control panel you can alter the look and design of the ad block as it will be displayed in your page. Try and make this blend as naturally as possible in with the rest of your page – colours, theme, appeal, etc. The more ‘part’ of your site the ad block appears the more likely your visitors will click the ad links displayed.

Content is king – we will keep harping on about this but the better the content you have on your page the more likely people will want to read it, recommend it and come back. This will push up your traffic and produce the possibility of CPM payments too. Make sure you use keywords effectively too as the higher you feature in search engine listings the more likely you will pick up natural traffic too.

Don’t be tempted to click your own ads - remember Google is one of the most resourceful and technologically advanced companies in the world, they know all the tricks, scams and potential short-cuts used by the less scrupulous. The chances are if you try and abuse the system they will find out and then ban you from the scheme and potentially all other Google tools. The small benefit clearly wouldn’t be worth it.

Do you use Google AdSense? Have you used it for dormant domains? What are the returns like?

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