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5 things we learned at The Business Show 2021

By Will Stretton - December 20, 2021

On 24th and 25th November, we attended Europe’s largest business event at Excel London: The Business Show. With over 25,00 visitors and more than 500 exhibitors, this year was the biggest one yet! During those incredibly busy two days, we learnt five tips from renowned entrepreneurs, influential speakers as well as our own customers that could help you kickstart your business.

Love your brand

Since starting out in 1958, Joe Foster, one of the co-founders of Reebok, has kept himself motivated with his one golden nugget of wisdom: ‘Just keep going!’ During a seminar, he detailed how, above all, ‘you’ve got to be an optimist and love your brand, especially when it comes to those difficult days’. This positive sentiment should also extend to your workforce, as he went on to say that you should ‘surround yourself with eagles, not turkeys’.

Get new perspectives

With over 25 years’ experience, Claudine Reid MBE revealed how success happens when you step outside your comfort zone. By putting yourself in an unfamiliar space and working with people completely different to you, you’ll gain new perspectives that can help you uncover missed opportunities along with new ways to enhance your services.

If you’re looking for an unconventional platform to market yourself on, why not check out our articles 5 reasons why your business should start using TikTok and Five tips for creating an effective Google Ads campaign for your business to help you take the plunge.

Be remarkable

On a similar note, international speaker and business coach Ian Dickson highlighted the importance of being remarkable. Some of the best ways of achieving this are by communicating with stories, as a way of getting people to listen to you, as well as finding that element that no-one else does in your industry (whether that’s next-day delivery, personalised options or anything else) and then making it happen.


Set your marketing strategy

As the adage goes: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Don’t take our word for it though, as Katrina Douglas of The Launch Strategist stated that ‘marketing without strategy is like building a house with no foundation’. If you don’t have a proven, viable model in place, you won’t make a profit. Need help in determining and devising your marketing strategy? Check out our six essential online marketing strategies to grow your small business.

Look after your customers

Anthony Adeniyi John-Goodman of JGB Accountants and Business Advisors told us how the most important component for businesses is excellent customer service. By having someone “on the phone, understanding your needs and being able to deliver and provide solutions to your problems”, customers are far more likely to continue using your services.

While this may seem obvious, studies have shown that 53% of online shoppers believe their feedback doesn’t go to anyone who can act on it! If you’re looking for some quick-fire ways of bolstering your customer service, check out our article: Eight simple tactics to provide a superior customer experience

See us at the Business Show

While at the Business Show, we also took the chance to meet some of our customers and asked them to explain why they chose 123 Reg.

The result was this video: