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Four business owners tell you how to live the entrepreneurial dream

By Will Stevens - October 24, 2017

What do you dream of when you dream of starting your own business? If you said a challenge you can rise to that will provide you with a reward like no other, then you’re in luck – because that’s exactly what awaits the successful entrepreneur.

But if you’re still in the dreaming phase, being able to count yourself among the people who’ve made it can feel like something that will never happen.

If that’s the position you’re in, you probably need some encouragement, and who better to offer it than people who have set up successful businesses?

Marta Alaverez, founder of language school Spanish Connection, believes that you don’t have to shoot for the moon right away – there’s no harm in starting small and building up from there.

“Be realistic,” she said. “I started just by teaching two or three people. And then I realised that they were receptive and they liked the way I did things.

“You have to keep your head on your shoulders. It’s good to have a dream and to pursue it, but always with a bit of logic as well, and common sense. And if you know that you have something that you can offer, then try it out first, and then go for it.

Marta added: “Perseverance is very important, and just work every day.”

Dan Hubert (right)

This idea of dedication was echoed by Dan Hubert, cofounder of parking app Appy Parking.

He said: “The advice that I would give is don’t do any research in the amount of hours it will take to do it, you will need to give up your life.

“But go all in – you are there to solve a problem that is what it is about. Think about where you aspire to be and go all in. Be very focused. Think in stepping stones and have an ultimate goal.”

Of course, it may be hard work, but there are rewards. Back to Marta Alaverez: “I think if you are able to implement your kind of dream of how you see things and how you would do things, that’s the beauty of running your own business.

“And also the fact that you can pick the people who work with you. That’s really cool.”

So what about the nuts and bolts of getting started with a business? Well, illustrator Ben Tallon believes that no matter what you do, it’s vital to be online.

“My website is absolutely crucial to what I do obviously we live in the digital age now and 90% of people start their search online so if you’re on Google looking for an illustrator it’s important that my website is represented quiet well in that respect. It’s got to convey the brand and everything that I do as an illustrator so it’s the go to place so of course it’s imperative that its spot on.”

He added: “[The web is the] go to platform, everyone’s got a device everyone’s got a smart phone or a tablet or desktop in their jobs.

“Everyone jumps straight on their phone now, everyone’s so busy on a lunch break or on the train it’s straight on Google to look for whatever it is they’re looking for in my respect designer, illustrator, and art director. It’s absolutely imperative that I’m represented efficiently on the web and coming up string on the rankings.”

Gem and Jamie Harris

Gem Harris, cofounder of health food brand Caulirice, agreed.

“Caulirice.com plays a very important role for our business,” she said.

“First it’s a way for people to be able to get our products if they can’t find us in their local supermarkets because you can purchase products directly from the website. It’s playing a great role in engaging our customers. It’s not just telling them about the product, we talk a lot about health, a lot about exercise, things that we believe our customers would be genuinely interested in.”

What next?

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to take action now, and buy the perfect domain name to help make your business dream a reality.

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