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Domain resale market still holds a chance for untold riches

By Tim Fuell - August 5, 2014

With the opening up of the domain name market following the launch of new gTLDs, many predicted the domain name reseller market to bottom out, but as a new US$1 million deal announced by domain name broker Domain Guardians shows, there is much life left in the premium domain market.

The sale of btc.com to bitcoin mining machine company GAWMiners also shows that new trends and new technology can suddenly change the value of a domain name when new terms, keywords and phrases become popular. Who’d have thought that BTC would become so valuable? Or maybe the former owners listed on WHOIS did know that seeing as they are the Brains Trust Company of Japan.

.COM Availability as of Dec 2013

.COM Availability as of Dec 2013

Of course a three letter domain name is a fairly unique offering in its own right and rarely come up even on the second hand market, so that will have added to the value, but it does suggest that there is potential future value in the four digit .coms that still lie unclaimed and unregistered (some 800,000 of the 1.8 million potential combinations). With short domains ever more prized for their social sharing value (saving characters in your RTs etc) the likelihood of a future resale return for those investing in shorter domains is ever rising.

With over 60 million potential 5 character combinations of .com still available for registration, there are plenty available to make an investment in now, in the hope for a long-term resale repayment. Once you have secured your potential pot of gold of course, you then need to market it and let others know it is available.

A landing page telling potential visitors you could be persuaded to sell is a must, but you can also advertise for free using our Premium domain system. Premium domains listed in our system are seen by potential buyers looking for similar looking or sounding domains in a new search, so you will be seen by potential interested buyers at a perfect time in the buying cycle. Investing in a short domain name now could make you rich from a future domain resale.