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Time to .tel – Grab a number domain

By Tim Fuell - October 16, 2013

You may be a name not a number, but if a personalised name domain has been already snapped up by somebody who shares your name, a number may actually be ideal as a universal locator. New changes in the .tel registration rules means that opportunity is now here with the arrival of numeric-only domains, all available via 123-reg.

Imagine having all your personal contact details available in one place? A simple single page that is easy to keep up to date, accessible on every connected device and has a snappiness that everybody can remember. It’s been around for a few years now in the form of a .tel domain name and .tel just got even more functional with the launch of number-only domain names, now available via 123-reg.

You can now register long numeric .tel domain names, giving you a whole new set of options as to how you share your contact information on the internet. Effectively you can now own your phone number on the internet. So now you can own [your mobile number].tel. Think about the marketability in that. Not only will your friends, family, colleagues and customers have a single number to remember for you – they can access all the others via your .tel website – but they are also more likely to remember that number off by heart, making you more likely to be their first call when in need.

What can I register?

The new functionality means you can now register numeric-only domains from 2 digits to 63 digits on a .tel. You can include hyphens although no are allowed positions three and four (e.g. 12–3.tel). One-digit domains will also not be available so no 1.tel.

How can I register a numeric.tel?

.tel numeric domain names are being released on a first-come first-served basis and you can register your domain now via 123-reg.

It’s that simple and easy. Keep all your contact information in one online place, accessible to all and now with a memorable number domain name.