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From A to xyz – The destination domain?

By Tim Fuell - October 7, 2014

You’ve heard of Generation X? (‘The lost generation’ born 1966-1976) Generation Y? (‘The millenniums’ born approx 1977-1994) and Generation Z? (1995-present).

Image courtesy of Ambro - FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Well, with the rise of social media and the global spread of the internet, it’s time for Generation XYZ. A wider community that embraces Generations X, Y and Z to create a worldwide internet inspired kinship. We are a global society, connected by common values, goals and desires and most importantly a series of hi-tech fibre-optic cables that form the internet. Aiming to unite all of those dreams, expectations and ideas is the .xyz domain name.

.xyz literally says you are part of the internet generation and keen to spread your word using the internet as your chosen medium. It says you know what the internet is about, what it stands for and how it can be put to use. As an XYZr you are au fait with the world wide web, with social media, with global communications. Those business and organisations embracing Generations X, Y and Z are the ones not only apace with the current trends but also on the pulse of the future.

That .xyz sounds like a directional cause to action is perhaps no fluke either. If you want to represent that you are heading towards future success, then the three characters of xyz in a domain will point many in the right direction.

It is that connotation of leading the way that makes a .xyz domain name suitable for individuals, businesses or even not-for-profit projects. It is generic but with a certain select quality to it, that makes any website or email putting it to use, stand out from the competition.

Already, just four months since launch, over 500,000 .xyz domains have been secured by many of the leading lights in the domain and internet industry. With just under 100,000 live sites already using their .xyz domain, they are more than just a vanity purchase too. It is the fastest growing domain extension and rising. Have you secured yours?