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More e-commerce success: You the expert

By Tim Fuell - August 29, 2014

As an online seller, you probably know your way around your products very well. Take advantage of this and present yourself as an expert to your customers.

Many customers have only a vague idea of what they are looking for and need additional advice. This is where you come in. As an online shop provider, you are the expert for your products. How can you score extra points with your advice, gain their trust and turn visitors into customers?

Make yourself visible

Some online shops are very impersonal. While many retailers obviously use their face to represent their shop and to maintain a personal relationship with their customers, some online sellers do not make use of this opportunity.

Customers wants to know who they are buying from – it is one of the reasons why many customers buy locally after an online search. Convey the feeling to your customers that they can trust you by showing your face. This is meant quite literally. A photo of your team provides a glimpse behind the scenes and demonstrates to the customer that you personally represent your online shop.

Include a map

If you are also accessible on site, in a retail outlet for example, you should incorporate a map in your shop to show the customer your location. To do this, go to Content/Categories >> Content preview in the administration area of your shop. Click on the area where you want to insert the map and click App in the menu at the top. Select Map, choose a map provider (e.g. Google Maps) and enter the required address into the address field. Click Apply and then Save. The map is now displayed in your online shop.

Respond to frequently asked questions

You are bound to have the knowledge that your customers need.  Be ready to answer your customers’ questions. Pages that include frequently asked questions (FAQ) are particularly popular. If you’re selling vinyl records, explain how to recognise a good record player. If your specialist area is footwear, offer shoe care tips, which not everyone may know. This demonstrates that you understand your specialist area.

Be contactable

Respond to queries promptly and help the customer find the right product in your shop. In terms of the choice of contact channels, the following applies: e-mail is good, phone is better. Do not restrict yourself to giving advice via an e-mail form, but display your telephone number on the home page. Think about displaying your business hours to indicate when you are contactable and use an answer machine.

If a customer approaches you, it is your business as an advisor and salesperson to sparkle. Be as open and honest as possible. Do you have the feeling, while in conversation with a customer, that you are unable to fulfil their requirements? Then do not shy away from stating this quite openly and honestly – even if you risk making no profit from this customer. The customer will remember the excellent advice given, may recommend you to others or even come back to you at a later date.