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Microsoft 365: Top New AI Features and Tricks 2024 

By Thom Harrison - February 29, 2024


Do your research with Smart Look Up 

Check your text with Editor 

Improve your prose with Ideas for Word

Manage your workflow with Power Automate 

Analyse trends with Ideas for Excel


Work better together with Microsoft Loop 

Manage projects with Microsoft Planner 

Transcribe Meetings in Microsoft Teams 

Fire off ideas with Microsoft Whiteboard 


Save time with Suggested Replies 

Keep it relevant with Focused Inbox and Clutter 


Interact with your audience with PowerPoint Live 

Add new Designs and Animations for Presentations 


Make and edit videos with Microsoft Clipchamp 

More cool stuff

Send and receive money with Payments for Microsoft Teams 

Turn your mobile into a scanner with Mobile Scanning and Office Lens  

Make informed business decisions with Power BI 

Step into remote meetings with Microsoft Mesh 

Finally: Windows Copilot

– Bringing AI to your OS

Wrap up

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