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Pipex Communications changes its name to GX Networks

By John - March 6, 2008

As you might know, 123-reg has a parent company. Until earlier this week, the parent company was called Pipex Communications Ltd. However, on Tuesday it changed its name to GX Networks.

The reason the name has changed is that Pipex Broadband, which also used to be a part of our company, was sold to Tiscali last year.

The change isn’t actually a big one. For us it’s meant having to find where we mention Pipex on our website and changing each one to ‘GX Networks’. We’re also getting some nice new signs made for outside the office.

If you’re one of our customers, you’ve probably seen the Pipex name on emails we’ve sent you – invoices, renewal reminders, that sort of thing. From now on, the GX Networks name will replace Pipex on these communications.

You’ll also see that the footer of our website contains the new name, and any charges to your debit or credit card may appear on your statements as being paid to GX Networks.

But apart from that, nothing else is changing: 123-reg will continue to be called 123-reg. You can continue to find out about our products and services on our main site, and get help and support (as well as contacting us) from our support site.