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6 Questions answered about Google’s ranking factors

By Alexandra Gavril - June 23, 2014

Have you ever heard or read things like:

“Your page needs to have a 3% keyword density to rank high in Google’s search results.”

Or: “All link building is bad so you need to stop building links now! Matt Cutts said so!”

And my favourite: “SEO today is all about creating great content. If you create great content, they will come”.

These are all myths and need to die horrible deaths.

But how do these myths become so pervasive?

You probably agree that the world of SEO is confusing and frustrating. With Google constantly changing, updating and tweaking its algorithms, it’s no wonder there’s a lack of clarity. Not to mention the tons of misinformation published online by self-proclaimed “SEO gurus”, which only add to the mass confusion.

Listening to them can do some serious damage to your site. So I’ve prepared a Q&A that looks at the six most common myths on how Google ranks sites.


1. Is there such a thing as “ideal keyword density”?

No, there isn’t. So if you were expecting an exact percentage like 3% or 7%, I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is no one-size-fits-all optimal keyword density percentage demonstrated to