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If the science of search engine optimisation is too much for you to get your head around and the budget won’t stretch to some expert advice, here’s six top tips to help you on the right tracks.

Be passionate

If you are not excited about the topic you are writing about, you will struggle to convince your audience to get excited too. If you are passionate about a topic it will come out clearly in your writing and if it’s a passion you will find it easier to write too. Being passionate also means you will more likely know and use the buzzwords that people interested in your topic will be searching for, that makes for great SEO.

Be Expert

Niche topics naturally won’t find mass general traffic but if you can offer information, thoughts, opinions that can’t be found elsewhere then you are far more likely to develop good traffic for your ‘expertise’. Unique content like that helps you rise higher up the competitive search engine rankings too, so the more likely you will get additional hits too. That’s sharp SEO.

Use descriptive titles

The way you head your pages, is a signpost to visitors but also to search engine bots crawling your site. Using words that clearly describe the content on those pages makes it easier for people to find your pages. Weight is given to these titles too, so if you can sum everything up in a short title you increase your chances of getting a better listing.

Use conversational language

If you want searches to find your pages, fill those pages with the language they will be searching for. Buzzwords and technical jargon will be great for a few but to reach a wider audience you need to be using those words the majority of people are using.

Link beyond

You know those bits at the end of TV programmes where they drive you back to their website…..”to find out more go to our website….” They do that because it works. It aids engagement with your original piece and topic and drives people to look for more. So if you have a blog, link beyond for more information on your main site. Externally linking can work to an extent too. Although driving traffic to other sites may not be ideal, may those links open in another window and you won’t necessarily have lost your customer. If the link works and informs them then they will be more likely to return to you as the site that first signposted those facts. Links to other sites can help your SEO too, so linking to sites you perhaps have a favourable relationship with can make great sense.

Keep it short and sharp

It’s not rocket science so don’t overdo the words. Use understandable vocabulary that explains things sweet and simply.

Short, sharp SEO

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