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How to use Twitter’s Vine to promote your brand

By Alexandra Gavril - February 18, 2013

Twitter Vine

If you don’t know what Vine is, then you’d better read this post because you’re probably going to use it plenty to promote your brand on Twitter.

Twitter recently launched a video app called Vine that enables Twitter users to share super-short videos of six seconds or less with their followers. This hot new social app for iOS users allows people to create and share their own videos via Twitter.

There’s already a lot of buzz around the new Vine, especially because of the short length of the videos which, some say, can’t allow for anything meaningful to be created. Then again, that’s also what they said about Twitter which allows updates of only 140 characters or less.

When it comes to videos, there’s one thing people are missing: attention spans are shorter than ever. No matter where you share a video, if it’s too long, people won’t watch it in its full length. So, when you share a short video, chances are people will watch it from start to end. Now the thing you need to figure out is how to convey your entire message and get your audience to act and convert in just six seconds.

If you ask me, this is a fantastic tool for advertisers to promote their brand and have fun doing it. Sure, six seconds is not a lot of time but if you put your mind to it, you can create very cool videos that can encourage people to follow you on Twitter, retweet your videos and get everyone talking about your brand. Or you can get them to do all the work and create their own videos about your brand.

‘Show’ your brand’s story

Gap, the popular clothing brand, is already using Vine and it’s doing a great job with it. They’ve used it to create a video that takes their fans through their entire advertising history. MSNBC also showed users what’s happening in its newsroom. These are just a few ways you can use Vine but if you can also create a video to introduce your employees, a history of your products and so on. You can create any kind of interesting content that you believe can generate shares and tweets among your followers.

Get them behind-the-scenes

A great way to use Vine to promote your products is to take your audience behind the scenes and show them how your products are actually made or what’s going on it the office. For example, a coffee shop in Virginia Beach showed their fans how they make an awesome latte. BuzzFeed even took a video of its employees dancing. That looks like a fun atmosphere at the office, doesn’t it?

Have people promote your brand for you

This is an effective strategy no matter what social network you’re using, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Now you can use Vine not only to show how people can use your product but also to have them demonstrate it and do the work for you. This will show your audience that people love your brand enough to create and share videos about it which can raise your brand awareness and ultimately send some new customers your way.

What do you think about Twitter’s new Vine? Are you planning to use it to promote your business?