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Swift Six: Building trust in your website

By Nick Leech - April 9, 2014

Being seen as trustworthy is vital for any business website. In this short video I guide you through six elements every website must have in order to gain the trust of potential customers. You don’t need to be a tech guru to implement the advice and doing so will help ensure people get the right impression when they’re checking out your business. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 123-reg Swift 6! Today we’ll be talking about the six elements of your website that you need in order to build trust. And building trust with your customer is absolutely key if you want them to come back and recommend you to others. So what are these top six things that you can put on your website to help people trust you? First of all, make sure that your contact details are really visible. There’s a big issue with regards to websites where people aren’t sure whether you’re real or whether you’re not. If you’ve got contact details, if they can phone you, if they can see that you have an address, that’s going to be really reassuring for them.The second thing is, if you have physical location or you are a local business, then put a map with where you are. It might be that potential customers want to come to visit your premises and actually see where you are. And it’s a really key way in which you can help them trust you.Third thing – and it’s not too dissimilar actually – why not put some photos of your staff and your office on your website? The website on the Internet is generally pretty faceless and, in fact, Facebook was probably the first things we had to really connect the human element with the technology element online. So, make sure you show that there are real people at your business. It will really help people trust and connect with you.

The fourth thing – be sure, if you have any memberships, if any industry organisations or affiliations, get those affiliations and organisation logos on your website. If you’re a plumber, if you’re an electrician, if you’re a builder, those logos would be really recognised so make sure that they are easily visible and that is going to really help your website visitors trust who you are.

The fifth thing – get a testimonial on your website. If customers can see a testimonial of another happy customer, that’s going to really reassure them. And you need to make these testimonials believable as well. Think about how you might make that testimonial local to where they are, so perhaps it’s a local person who might be recognised or at least who you can put in their location. And accompany the testimonial with a picture if possible, either showing the work that you did for them or actually showing a picture of the person themselves.

And then finally, a great thing, if you have won any awards, if you have third party recognition from any outside magazine or organisation or local group, make sure you put that award on there and show where it’s come from.

So that was the 123-reg Swift 6- How to build trust on your website. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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